Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Farms Three

Okay, you'll read my apologies in the further posts. This post is called Farm 3. But there are two posts that were supposed to come before it, but they're really coming after it. Same thing. You get the idea.

So this farm used to be a nursery, and also had a field of cajus and maracuja. Okay, so I don't really remember. But two fields of fruit trees. Very neat. I really loved the nursery. It was sort of dilapidated, and out of use, but still had lots of plants, and a lot that looked like they were very happy that people stopped caring for them (read: plants gone wild!). 

Also, as you'll notice, there was a friendly cow at this farm. Almost all the farms we'd looked at were huge properties, many acres (or hectacres here), so the majority of them rent their land out to cows. All three farms we looked at rented out their land. Most of the cows here are Brahmas. Sort of the same kind that are in India? I have no idea. Not the black and white milk cows you see in the US.
 Mmm, pretty right? The stems and leaves were sort of beigey grey. Nature, you're such a designer!
 Nursery gone wild! Orchids galore!!! I wanted so badly to steal so many plants, since they looked like most of them were left to the earth anyway.
 Don't worry plants, I'll rescue you!!! Come live at my house!
 What in the world kind of plant is this? Little white bubbles on their stems?
 Hidden behind the relatively small mango tree was one of the houses on the property. Pretty tiny.
Hi friendly cow. It was licking my bag like crazy! I didn't have any snacks or anything either, I have no idea why he was licking. Anyway, he distracted us all (me, Toby and the guy showing us the land) and BAM the cow behind him (see him in the picture sneaking up?) jumped up and started....errr....seducing the other one! Just like that! Oh nature.

Another cool thing about this place was that we drove pretty much straight up (at an angle I'm sure would be illegal anywhere else) for a really long time, and there was still this little lake/pond way up there. I have no idea how water stays up so high.

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