Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sugar Cane-ing!

Hey hoo! I thought I already posted about this, but honestly, cannot find it, so maybe I didn't? We go to sugar cane farms every now and then for the husband's work. It's pretty fun. They're beautiful pieces of land, in the NorthEast of the country they're on rolling hills with sky for miles. Or kilometers. 

Either way, beautiful. Recently we went to a family friend's farm. It was great. We got some super cool free hats, saw the know, things you do on a sugar farm. Saw a giant toad.
 I have no idea what fruit this is. I'm normally a pretty great fruit/tree sleuth, but tonight, google fails me. I've come up with a handful of answers, but I'm pretty sure none of them are right. So I'm not putting a name on this right now. But I've seen it growing in some places. What a great description.
 Errr... This was supposed to be a picture of the tree, but as the tree above, can't remember what it was. Whoops! Good thing this is just a blog for funsies, not for education.
 MANGO TREE! Yes! Finally I can tell you why I took a picture, and what it was of. Okay, I get it, I post tons of mango trees, but I do think they're mighty pretty, and mangos are mighty delicious. See all the pinkish on top of the back tree? Those are blooms. Yay for mango season!
 Rolling hills of the Northeast. So pretty. Because of these beautiful rolling hills they have to farm sugarcane completely different than the rest of the country. Actually, that's a good idea for a post. Maybe next week.
 Free hats! Heyooooo!
 Foot in picture for size reference. And, note that I have a pretty large foot. American 9.5. Rest of the world, about a 41. So that's a really big toad. Speaking of shoe sizes I was in the mall the other day, just browsing the shoe section, and in this section I found absolutely none in my size. My feet aren't huge, but I guess in Brazil, much larger than the majority.
 He's puffed up and standing tall. He was maaaad!
 Hills of sugarcane.
All the men were talking so I sneaked off. I thought I could try and take a bite of the cane without anyone noticing, but apparently someone was watching me with the camera.


  1. The mystery fruit looks like a "pinha" or "fruta do conde." Apparently they're called sugar apples, but I'd never heard of (or seen) them before Brazil: