Monday, September 10, 2012

Random Pictures from the past

Just some randoms.
 Are the big beers in the US as big as the big beers here? Look at that height! Huge beer! And a random 473 ml. What sort of amount is that? Hopefully it's a round number in some other measuring system.
 Baobab Tree!
 This particular baobab is sort of famous. I've read about it once or twice in different places. For today you get to read this article HERE. Hope it's a good one!
 So far I've found three amazing graffiti walls in town. There's one on the way to the airport, and I swear it's got to be over a mile long. This one is in downtown Recife. There's another one in downtown Recife too. Super great graffiti. My Mom actually told me she is mailing me an article about Brazilian graffiti. I'm sure it's an artist from Rio though. They're so fancy down there.

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