Sunday, February 26, 2012


Yes, we did make it to Carnaval. Everyone's been asking, but I haven't been able to sort through the pictures and pick out the ones that I like for the blog. So for now, here's a little starter.

People (mom) keep asking about the nudity. We really didn't see much, other than a homeless woman who might have had too much to drink. Instead of scantily clad ladies, in northeastern Brazil, you'll see girls that look like cheerlearders with umbrellas doing a toe tapping, looks-like-a-great-quad-workout, move your feet fast kind of dance. It's called Frevo, and is a well known style of dance hailing from our region.

King and Queen of Carnaval. She danced a lot. He did mostly what he's doing in the picture. Very entertaining.

See MORENA TROPICANA on her thigh? It's another school of dance, like FREVO (I think). This was the beautiful street that we got to watch Carnaval from one night.
DIABO LOIRO? What's that? Another school of dance! And a great street decoration. Who doesn't like getting flashed by a 20 foot woman?
Handstands in Brazil. Of course!

We were on our state's tourism blog! I'm sure you can do the translation, they pegged us as foreigners...

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