Sunday, February 19, 2012

Doing a little good

Toby and I are both big fans of doing good things. Like helping people out, community service, you know, things like that. When we met I was big in to Habitat for Humanity. I hope I can find something like that here.

Our Jiu-Jitsu Academy went to volunteer at a local church last week, so we tagged along. All we really knew about it was that it was an event for the poorer children in our area. It was pretty fun. The kids played games the whole time, and I painted faces for a few hours. Big hits in the face-painting station were strawberries, hearts, butterflies and spiders. Luckily I knew most of those words. Spider was new, but I had my translator (Toby) with me. We had a fun, ate a weird sandwich for lunch, pinched little chubby kids' cheeks, I talked to the kids in my rough Portuguese and they understood. A successful day.

Truck full of toys and Jiu-Jitsu guys for the kids to play with. Yes. They will play with them both.
All the churches are open air. When there is a service, they fill this space in with plastic chairs.
See the fist this kid is making? She was super cute, but a toughy. Threatening me with more paint! Somehow we got this picture before she had both cheeks, both hands and forearms painted. She followed us around for about an hour, literally carrying a chair with her wherever we went and plopping down next to us.
Painting away. Also, see the girl in pink behind the boys? Waiting for more paint!

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