Thursday, February 16, 2012

Reef 1

Not too much to write about here, mostly pictures. Another post with more pictures to follow. 
Okay, it's not really a picture of anything, just a sampling of things that are living in the water. Things.
A tidal pool from a distance. It's hard to get in there and not scare the fish away. So this is proof from a distance that there are fish in these little pools. It seems that the only ones I can catch a picture of are the boring ones.
Luckily, coral doesn't more. Or it doesn't move much at least. Isn't this crazy looking?
Another little pool. See lots of fishies?
I think this seaweed is so pretty. It's really bright sometimes, but sometimes has a pastel teal look to it.
TIIIIINY sea urchin alert. To the right of my big toe. Also, I've rarely been complimented on these shoes (mostly made fun of), but I'm sure on the reef there are a lot of jealous peeps.
I normally stay more to the right on the reef; it's calmer, more sea creatures. I walked all the way to the edge here. There was even a guy snorkeling to the left. But I assume the reason I didn't see him after I took this picture is that he was consumed whole by a shark.
Coral, and bottom left, one of those kind of boring fish.
Whose hand is that? With that great pink polish, wouldn't you think it was the hand of a local? Thanks Florencia for helping me look like I belong here!
Dinner? Or maybe appetizers...
Blue stuff that I assume is some other kind of coral.
Stay tuned, more to come. Maybe even three posts on the reef. Whoa.

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