Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More things that grow today.

I was going to add this to the end of the last post, but then realized how much I wanted to talk about fruit, saw how long the post was, opted to just make another one. This is it:

And here, for fun, are other things that grow. I know it's a broad subject, so maybe I should made a 'label' for it. This is our local gardening store. We didn't buy anything (yet) so I didn't take many pictures. Lime/lemon trees that are a few feet tall are about R$6. Seeds are R$2, ponytail palms (pretty large ones) are $R25. All I really wanted was a lime tree anyway, so I'm glad it was about the cheapest thing in the store. I plan on... borrowing... the rest of my plants from nature. 
Look at that specimen. You can hardly see how beautiful it is through those flowers. (get it? I'm talking about Toby).

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