Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Toby just hates kids!

Okay, no, Toby really likes kids. Okay, no... Toby is a kid. Last weekend we had some good quality pool time with family and some neighbor kids. 

We found a set of twin neighbors. Very small neighbors. Good for throwing. 
Cousin Bruna goes flying. 
Me and Bruna. Testing the waters.
Some family: L to R Solange (aunt), Me, Bruna (cousin) and above Renata (cousin).
 And then, one more note. Waving, you know, flatten your hand, spread your fingers a bit, and flail your hand back and forth? They don't do that here. What do they do instead? Well, good thing we live here. I can tell you what they do. Thumbs up. Crossing the street and getting the go-ahead to run in front of a car (okay, I'm kidding here, no one checks before crossing, it's just a mad dash), give a thumbs up. Arriving at your condo, and looking to your security guard to open the gate for you? A thumbs up. And in return, another thumb. "Hi, how's it going?" Sometimes a thumbs up.  Me, I'm trying to bring the wave to Brazil. Look out for it when you come to visit. I'm a trend-setter.

Also, Happy Valentine's day to all you US folks. Here, it is not Saint Valentine's day. They don't celebrate it now because it conflicts with Carnaval. So it's in July. Go figure.

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