Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I'm sitting here eating my breakfast (coffee is still successful, although I was informed that the country of Brazil probably does sell some sort of coffee filter. Maybe. I sort of like it thick anyway), papaya and cashew nuts and I was thinking that in the US I'd probably munch on a multivitamin of sorts also.

Here that seems like a ridiculous suggestion. The fruits here are livin' life. They're big and gnarly and bright. Our plates are always very colorful. I mean, the plates themselves are green, but usually we have a good amount of colorful food too. No multivitamins needed here.
On a similar subject, do any of you ever read the note on the bag of apples at the grocery store telling you that they've excluded all the odd sized apples? They have to be a certain size to make it into the bag. They do no such excluding in Brazil. I found a lime about the size of a grape and one about the size of a tennis ball. All hanging out together.
This was the 'smaller' bunch of bananas. I made Toby put the one back that weighed about 20 lbs. I should have put something for reference... They're much larger in real life. Put on your 3-D glasses.

Okay, and one last thing that's great. Fruit=cheap. Here's a little taste of what we're paying:

Banana (all those above): R$1.26/kg
Mango: R$1.74/kg
Papaya: R$0.91/kg
Guava (okay, the guava was expensive!!! But I've never had one): R$2.09/kg

So, translated to Standard, we paid R$ 7.94 for 13 pounds of fruit. On a good day a USD is worth almost twice as much as a real (the money here). SO what I'm saying is: fruit is cheap. It's good. We like it. We love it, we want some more of it.

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