Thursday, February 2, 2012

Time for some coffee of my own

Brazil is great because almost everywhere you go they offer you a tiny cup of coffee (when I say tiny, I mean like maaaybe a half an ounce). I was (and am still) of the impression that Brazilian coffee should be way better than American, because I think a lot of it is probably grown down here (you should see how plants grow, it's like we're in the jungle...).

Unfortunately, I do not go out of the house (other than to the beach or pool) every day, and so I get coffee either when I venture with Toby, or from my tutor. On our last grocery excursion I got some coffee with the intent of making my own brew.

I tried it out today.

There is one person I've seen make coffee more ways than I knew were possible, and I think without that knowledge, I wouldn't be able to make this delicious cup I am drinking today. You see, growing up, my parents usually just used a good ole coffee maker. I'm sure they made it other ways, but I don't remember many of them. It wasn't until I met Toby's dad that I learned about improvised filters and cowboy coffee. I tried to use both Tim Watson techniques today, and it actually came out pretty good. A little weak, but I don't think that's the fault of the techniques, just the amount of grounds I used.
Looks like the mixins for a good cup o joe, eh? Coconut milk was incase it turned out really bad.
The filter process. I broke the napkin once, poured in back into the pan and started over. Broke it again. Double filtered. Isn't that exotic?

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