Thursday, February 16, 2012

Reef 2

I stepped on a barnacle and broke it. I'm so sorry little guy, but isn't it pretty on the inside?
Guuuuh, NEAT-O!!!!!
I think the scenery here is often dreamlike, but also this camera, because it's waterproof and is most often dripping with water, gets droplets on the lens sometimes. It makes for a great dream-like quality to photographs.
Blue coral. It's really small (like the little heads are about the size of a grain of rice or so), and you can see on the bottom right, they are insanely bright teal and green, almost iridescent when open. Neat!

Looks like the guy from Finding Nemo right? Imagine a seagull on the right saying 'mine...mine. MINE!"
Huge barnacle!
The huge barnacle on left and crab on right.
A nice pool with loooots of live coral to the side (left)

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