Friday, October 26, 2012

Apagao (The Blackout) 2012

Some of the photos from Facebook!  Notice Brazil is in all dark..."Blackout 2012 I was there"

"Blackout 2012 I went.  One more big event for Brazil, and here comes the World Cup in 2014

So on Thursday October 25th depending on the state you were in around 1130PM until 0340AM 9 states in the Northeast of Brazil lost power.  

Yes you read that right...9 states lost power, not because of bad weather, a hurricane, earthquake or natural disaster, but just because.

The official report so far is they don't know why they lost power, it was just lost in all 9 states randomly.

Now I love Brazil, but it is things like this, the confusion, lack of order that really leave you scratching your head.

Brazil is getting ready to host the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics.  It is supposed to be ready to support some of the biggest sporting events in the world along with all the tourists, but it somehow lost power to 9 of its states without explanation.

Here is a comment from Facebook and along with the photos above kind of give you a feeling that people are a bit concerned here about the way things are going.

"O Brasil é engraçado, os impostos são altissimos e tudo é caro porém nda funciona, tem apagão, tem falta de água, tem estrada ruim, tem aeroporto ruim, telefonia é piada de mau gosto, a saúde pública é brincadeira, plano de saúde n é diferente a segurança então nem se fala. Até qdo vai continuar essa zona?"

Basically the above quote says:  "Brazil is funny.  They have extremely high taxes but nothing works.  It has a blackout, it lacks water (drinking), the roads are terrible, the airports are terrible, the phone systems are a bad joke, the public health system is a joke, and forget talking about security.  How long will this mess last?"

Were you part of the blackout?  Do you think things are that bad here in Brasil?



    I live in Fortaleza. I googled it this morning after being without power from 11pm until 5am. I was up at 4am and could see that some of the city had power on, but not our neighborhood.

    I was reading articles about the power supply and old grids/structure and also about the lack of upgrades to the cell phone networks here. It makes me scared for the World Cup. I'm scared for them (us). It will be embarrassing if it doesn't go well.

    1. Yeah it is pretty scary when you think about the lack of true infrastructure. But Brazil is always getting better, which is good. They just have a long way to go and I am not sure that the people in charge have the countries best interest ahead of their personal gains.

      But time will tell. I am hoping to go Fortaleza in the not to distant future.