Friday, October 12, 2012

Children's Day

In Brazil, Children's Day(dia das criancas) is celebrated on October 12, coinciding with Our Lady of Aparecida's day, the country's Patron Saint, which is a national holiday. Children throughout Brazil look forward to this day all year, as it is the (another) day they get to unwrap gifts from their parents.  In several places in Brazil Children's Day is a bigger event than Christmas.
I am telling you, you already read my post on kids birthday parties, but kids also get Children's Day!

What a deal!  This is a national holiday so it's a long three day weekend.  The beaches will be packed and the kids will be getting gifts!
From what I understand there will be some parades and parties celebrating Children's Day and we are all supposed to give a gift to the kids.  It's kind of like Mother's and Father's Day except it's the kids special day.  Interesting huh?

What did you do for Children's Day?

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