Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Black and White TV

So you would think that living here we would start to watch their local TV programs.  We have watched some of their Novelas...but the truth is when our TV got here it was slightly broken.  The color is gone and the TV only seems to work in black and white. That coupled with a bad antenna, we have probably turned the TV on 4 times since we got here in January.

That is not to say we don't watch TV.  We have been watching TV on a few sites we have found.  It's a bit frustrating at times because the buffering is slow, or it will pause or won't play.  But getting to keep up with some of the shows and sporting events from the US has been nice.

So because we are cheap we try to use the free sites.  We just signed up for a free month of Netflix.  But we are finding the TV and Movie selections here in Brazil to be pretty lame.  So we aren't that impressed.

The Free site we use for sporting events is this one here! It has been nice keeping up with American Football.  The links don't always work well, but I can usually get the gist of what is going on.  So that is nice, especially when you see everyone in the states posting about the games.

The free site we use for TV is this one here.  It is a pretty good site.  We get to keep up with a lot of the TV shows in the states.  They are not all on here, but a lot of them are.

But things are going to change. I have taken our TV to get fixed and with our internet package we will be getting cable.  So in a week or so we should be watching good old Brazilian TV shows and maybe picking up a little portuguese along the way.


  1. Are you sure your TV is broken? Traditionally, Brazil used a different color coding format (PAL-M) from the US (NTSC). I think a lot of newer devices support NTSC as well so that might not be your problem but if it is, there are transcoders you can use to fix it.

  2. Thanks for the info...that is actually what the repair guy just called and said!

  3. It's funny how we always assume devices should work the same in other countries but let's face it, they can't even agree on a common power plug...

  4. Yeah, and cell phones don't work the same...not to mention the whole metric system!

  5. I think you mean "the whole English/Imperial system"? There's nothing wrong with the metric system! :)