Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Beauty in Brazil

So I want to preface this post by first saying I am sorry for putting up such a ridiculous video, I had forgotten about Jessica Simpson all together until I found this.

I found this video when I was doing a google search to find out why so many women here have leg hair, it is pretty obvious here in Recife that many women do not shave their legs above the knee. I have not been brave enough to ask anyone, and this is the only place I have seen it, so I figured it was time to figure it out.

If you skip ahead to about 8:20 in the video, they say that a lot of women don't shave their legs but bleach them.  So that their golden blond hair looks nice on their tan skin. It is an interesting concept especially since in the US we are so used to women shaving their legs completely.

This video in the early stages addresses another stereotype that I hear often which is that Brazilians have lots of plastic surgery. I have always believed that to be true since almost every Brazilian I know MEN INCLUDED have had something done.

Almost all of the women I know here in Brazil have had some sort of work done, the most common that I know of are the tummy tuck and the face lift. Sitting here right now I can name 10 women that have had some sort of work done and will talk about it. In the US I don't anyone that has had Plastic surgery, but I am sure I know some.

Almost all of the men I know here, especially the older ones and the obese children have had the stomach surgery which is designed to make your stomach smaller, thus allowing you to eat less. I find it pretty impressive. I can name right now off the top of my head 7 men who have had it done. I don't think I know one man in the US that has had it done.

The video also talks about how Brazilians are proud of their bodies, we will hit that one up in a different blog post.

Just curious if you are a woman out there do you shave your legs completely?  Do you ever bleach your body hair?  Have you had Plastic Surgery or would like to have it.

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