Tuesday, October 9, 2012

767 Candidates for City Council!

So if you have been following our blog at all you probably read this post about some of the campaigning!

Well election day was this past Sunday. There were 767 candidates for 27 councilmember spots.  That is a lot of candidates isn't it?  I sure thought so!  Well just so you know the winner on had 1,7% of the popular vote!  1.7% that's it!  To me that is amazing...

This guy Ze Radiola is our Jiu Jitsu instructor and a really great guy.  He really seems to be someone who really cares more about the people than the money and benefits. I believe in him and he has my vote and I have done some work to help his campaign. He didn't win this year, but it was his first year running...I hope that he will try again.

But for the past month with all the campaigning there has been a new technique that I have never seen, as for most of the technics thus far.

This is a giant organized parade of cars.  The different candidates do it all day Sunday.  So what is it?  Well they get all their friends who have cars, trucks noise makers, fill the vehicles as full as they can and drive slowly through town, honking their horns, dancing, playing music and disrupting traffic.  They are only allowed to do it on Sunday's because of the traffic, but it is still quite the site and quite disruptive.

When I run for a political position here or in the states (never going to happen), I know how some new tools that I intend to put to use!  Check out the pics below!

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