Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

So as everyone or most everyone is aware, Hurricane Sandy is causing havoc on the East Coast of the United States.  As of this post there are 16 people reported dead in the Northeast already and the storm is still going.

The streets are flooded, snow is falling, the winds are extremely high and cities have been evacuated.  The news is reporting that the impact of Sandy is going to top 100 Billion USD in damages.

It is weird to be so far away from the US when something like this is happening.  It almost doesn't seem real. I remember when Katrina happened, I was in deployed and heard about it and read about it in the newspapers, but really had no idea how bad things were.

Mother nature is an amazing thing when you really think about what it is capable of.  The people on the East Coast will be cleaning up for the next year.

Something that I find absolutely amazing is that in the time that we have been here in Brazil, we haven't heard one clap of Thunder or seen one lightning strike.

We have had some bad storms, with lots of rain, flooding and wind, but nothing like the storms we have had in the US.  Storms without Thunder and Lightning?!  Sounds odd doesn't it.

I wonder if there is Thunder and Lightning in other parts of Brazil?

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