Wednesday, October 17, 2012


So as I was walking in a local park the other day I saw this character and a lot of people around it taking pictures.  At first I had no idea why there was this big blow-up cartoon, but then I realized it is the mascot of the 2014 World Cup (It says it on the plaques) and this little guy is making his way around to all of the host cities.  We, Recife, are lucky enough to be one of those cities.

They are building a brand new stadium, creating new roads and housing just for the World Cup.  It is pretty amazing all of the work that is going on to support a one month event!  We already have friends and family planning on making the trip down.  It will certainly be exciting to be here in 2014!

The FIFA World Cup begins Thursday12 June 2014, and ends Sunday,13 July 2014.  There is a count down timer on one of the major roads that lets us know exactly how many days are left until the World Cup Starts.  I will try to snap a photo of it next time I am on that side of town.

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